Integrated Deployment Capital

In the right situation, our Integrated Deployment Capital approach can provide a valuable opportunity for our partner companies – not only for accelerating growth and speeding up sales cycles in the near term, but also for unlocking longer term financial success. At Spring Lane Capital, we work hard before the investment to make sure our approach is a strong fit with a company’s and their customers’ needs. 


Investment Criteria

We seek to partner with companies that have:


A capable, high-execution management team

An existing “distributed asset” solution offering resource efficiency and customer economic benefits -- solutions using equipment or facilities smaller and less concentrated than traditional project finance can address

Robust existing commercial revenues from a proven technology offering

Customers that have stated a preference for onsite services or other “no-CAPEX ask” offerings


To ensure we are setting up our partner companies with the best chance for success long term, our investment process is more methodical than many entrepreneurs may be used to from other sources of capital. We typically will engage companies before an investment in detailed diligence and planning including:


A structured Approach to Success

Our pre-investment process includes:

A deep market and customer needs review

Detailed project pool structuring to create strong alignment between Spring Lane Capital’s and our partner companies’ mutual success

Management team strengths and gaps assessments, including our proprietary deep dive interview methodology

Technology and engineering evaluations

Planning for enhanced asset management capabilities

A sustainability and impact review



Our goal is simple

To partner with companies where, with the right capital in hand, and rolling up our sleeves to help, we can work together for long term success. For the right companies, Spring Lane Capital can help rapid scale-up of the sustainability solutions that these markets – and the world – are ready for.